Frequently Asked Questions
Elite Celebrations
1. Why do I need a wedding/event planner?
Having Elite Celebrations plan your next event can help eliminate the stress of doing it yourself. Davin Leigh and the Elite design team can be instrumental in helping you stay within your budget, while still providing you with new and exciting ways to plan your perfect day.

2. How do I select a wedding/event planner?
Although there are many seasoned and new event planners in the field, having someone that will build a rapport with you is very important. Davin Leigh and his team are able to find answers and solutions which will make your vision a reality. Our ideas are fresh and we are eager to help. Your " word of mouth " referral is our best form of advertising.
3. Can I afford a wedding/event planner?
The question is " can I afford not to" you will only have one chance to create a memory of your special event that will last a lifetime. The cost for a planner can vary, Elite Celebrations works with all budgets.